Discover How To Take Your Business and Family Legacy  "Beyond Billions"... NOW.

"Embrace your inner billionaire!"

- David Newby (w/ Ivanka Trump)

As impressive as billionaires' business successes are, there is a much higher level of wealth and success that can be attained.

How? By applying ancient wisdom that very few people today know how access. Applying this ancient wisdom, one man actually amassed a personal net worth of almost $2 Trillion U.S. (and no it's not the Rothschilds or some other central bankers) in hard assets. To put that wealth in perspective, it equals the COMBINED net worth of the U.S. Forbes 400 list! In "Beyond Billions," David Roy Newby will be sharing how you can discover and apply this ancient wealth-building wisdom in all your endeavors. This wisdom can be used to amass massive wealth not ONLY in your finances, but also in your relationships with family and friends.

Here are some key benefits you'll discover in the book:



Why 90% of estate plans FAIL despite the best advisors money can buy, and how to avoid this fate for yourself and your family



How to ensure your business and wealth survive for 3-5+ generations



The #1 way to motivate lazy or entitled heirs- it's NOT trust fund clauses!



How to maximize your impact and fulfillment with your charitable contributions, holding each dollar given accountable



How to empower your family members so all the success you've built isn't wasted, and your legacy of success lives on for multiple generations



... and much more.


If you're following traditional estate planning alone, you're 90% likely going to waste everything you've worked your whole life to achieve.


Invest in "Beyond Billions" below now, get the missing pieces to complete your family legacy puzzle, and be empowered to create a whole new world of possibility for you and your family.

*A portion of the proceeds from your book purchase supports CCT, the largest microfinance group in the Philippines that helps Filipinos start their own businesses and helps them with housing and scholarships for their children to finish school.*

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Joel Bauer

Author/Consultant to Billionaires

"As a best-selling author having turned huge companies around, I've been impressed. David Newby gives you the skillsets to grow your money and pass that knowledge on to your children. Is this important? It's one of the most vital things you can do."

David Green​

Hobby Lobby founder and CEO

"David Roy Newby's techniques will enable you to build a strong legacy for your family... and find and fix the cracks that  likely exist Lin  your current legacy/estate plan."

Robin Coady Smith
Succession Planner to Billionaires

"Men, especially as heads of family, as business owners, are alone on a lonely journey of identity and creators of extreme wealth. Every single owner, head of family office, estate planner, and advisor to the wealthy needs to read 'Beyond Billions'!"